Reef-bottom Fishing

There are few people on earth who have spent as much time on, and under, the seas seeking lobster and reef-bottom fishing than Safari Guide James Dunnam. Take advantage of an opportunity to harvest fish from the deep sea, whether for Big Game or simply for dinner, with an experienced guide knowledgeable of the specific areas most likely to produce good results.

One area of worldwide renown is the Dutch Bar, just 5 miles off the coast of Spanish Wells, where the ocean floor descends from approximately 200 feet over a cliff that drops thousands of feet deep. Assorted bottom fishing includes; strawberry groupers, yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, bottom fish, triggerfish, grunts to name a few. It is nature at its rawest and pristine, where man seeks to harvest the sea’s bounty in competition with its natural residents.

For a taste of the wild you’ll experience on this Safari, take a look at our Photos (above) of a Spanish Wells Safari. For a video of our fishing, click on the Video above or look us up on YouTube; there’s even a YouTube icon at the top of this page! And you owe it to yourself go check us out on our page on Facebook…

We at Bahamas Ocean Safaris have a deep concern for our Marine Environment and its diverse wildlife. In Spanish Wells we don’t actively fish for endangered species, keep undersized fish, and operate a “catch and release policy ” where possible. On every trip we take time to clean up the seas and reefs of litter and debris and ask that our guests display the same reverent respect. We are wardens of our own backyard and intend to protect it for future generations.

Our boats are licensed and insured, all equipment and life-jackets are regularly checked and replaced. Your safety and the safety of your family and friends are of paramount concern.

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