Plan Your Eleuthera or Spanish Wells Beach Excursion

Your Safari could be on a remote and deserted beach where you become your own Robinson Crusoe, combing the beaches for shells and treasure, exploring, or simply seeking peace and solitude.  Your Safari Guide can stay within reach or, if you choose, ask him to drop you off and pick you up later, whatever you like!

Or it could be exploration, crossing through the treacherous waters of The Devil’s Backbone.  You’ll land ashore on a deserted white-sand beach and cross through the dunes to find Preacher’s Cave, home to our ancestors who lived in a natural cave for years after a disastrous shipwreck in 1648.

Customize Your Bahama Beach Adventure with Captain James!

  • Cliff Jumping
  • Rope Swinging
  • Fishing – yellow tail, mutton, snapper, wahoo, tuna (to name a few)
  • Swimming with the Pigs/ Feed the pigs
  • Parasailing
  • Visit to Sand Dollar Beach
  • Beach combing, looking for things like sea shells, sea glass etc
  • Beach day – just a lazy day sunbathing, snorkeling close to the shore
  • Snorkeling up to, and around beautiful reefs, or ship wrecks while seeking beautiful marine life
  • Diving for conchs
  • Diving for sea stars
  • Catch and Release of Sea Turtles
  • Spearfishing grouper or crawfish (Bahamian Lobster) when in season and of legal length
  • Visit a sandbar (at low tide)
  • Island hopping, whether visiting neighboring settlements like Harbour Island (pink sands) or Egg island
  • Visit Preachers Cave – where the history of Spanish Wells first began
  • Cruising in the boat  sightseeing while looking for marine life like dolphins, manta rays, sharks, stingrays

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