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Bahamas Ocean Safaris ….. where the adventure begins and memories are made!

There is a saying that when when you love what you do, it is not work. I love what I do! This love, turned into a passion, turned in a career, turned into Bahamas Ocean Safaris.
It is the dream of one man, me: James Dunnam.

The many years, 30+ that I have spent as a lobster fishermen and deep sea diver increased my love affair with all things under the sea, in and around the water of my home, as well as the passion for my beautiful island home, Spanish Wells along with it’s history. It has made me the man I am today! A fisherman, a conservationist, a tour guide, photographer, cook and I am quite sure there are several more ‘hats’ that I wear, all of which I am very proud of!

The Bahamas, while it has 700+ island, not all are inhabited one, Spanish Wells, while very small is inhabited, and I for one am very proud to call it home! While small in size, this fishing village today remains today as one of the Bahamas premier fishing villages and can boast of some the finest fishermen in the Bahamas. Not bragging, it is fact!

The various and abundant array of marine life along with it’s reefs, corals, and surrounding cays, beautiful clear waters have been an attraction for many over the years.

Now I have a chance to share this attraction! My many years of experience in and around the waters of Spanish Wells gives me a unique perspective as I try to offer all a unique experience to those that charter with me. Over the years I have seen many changes, some made by man, some by mother nature. These changes have made me all the more passionate and appreciative about the beauty I get to see everyday.  It has increased my desire to share that passion and beauty with others and fortunately for me with each charter, I am to to be able to do so.

While I am an avid fishermen, I am also a conservationist. I try all all time to adhere to the laws and regulation made by the Bahamas when it comes for various types of marine life, seasons and size. I strive at all time to protect this fragile eco-system I love and enjoy. In addition with each charter I make sure all the debris is picked up, garbage removed and disposed of properly. If you are seeking to fish or spearfish certain types of  marine life crawfish (Bahamian Spiny Lobster) or grouper please be aware of the seasons.

Why should you schedule your next fishing charter with Bahamas Ocean Safaris?
Because I offer one on one personalized, professional services tailored to meet your expectations and desires while putting safety first. We cater to the novice and the professional anglers, couples, families, children to groups. The one who just wants to snorkel to the certified scuba divers. Come one, come all! I aim to make sure all have fun in a relaxed and safe atmosphere!

When should you schedule your charter with Bahamas Ocean Safaris?
The abundance of marine life, the weather (year round tropical climate), the beaches makes anytime is the right time. Soon as you have you plans made, make your reservations with Bahamas Ocean Safaris.

They say ‘variety is the spice of life’ and I can truly say yes, as I can offer you variety when you charter with Bahamas Ocean Safaris. Pick one, two or more! My goal to ensure that all who charter with me have an adventure of a lifetime, have a smile on their face and leave with lots of memories!

What does Bahamas Ocean Safaris have to offer?

  • visit to Sand Dollar Beach
  • beach combing, looking for things like sea shells, sea glass etc
  • beach day – just a lazy day sunbathing, snorkeling close to the shore
  • swimming with the pigs/feeding the pigs
  • snorkeling up to, and around beautiful reefs, or ship wrecks while seeking beautiful marine life
  • diving for conchs
  • diving for sea stars
  • catch and release of sea turtles
  • scuba diving
  • spearfishing grouper or crawfish (Bahamian Lobster) when in season and of legal length
  • visit a sandbar (at low tide)
  • offshore fishing
  • inshore fishing
  • island hopping, whether visiting neighboring settlements like Harbour Island (pink sands) or Egg island
  • visit Preachers Cave – where the history of Spanish Wells first began
  • cliff jumping
  • fishing for fish like yellow tail, mutton, snapper, whahoo, tuna (to name a few)
  • cruising in the boat  sight seeing while looking for marine life like dolphins, manta rays, sharks, sting rays

There is something for everyone! I cater to your charter request to capture your imagination and full fill your vacation dreams!

Bahamas Ocean Safaris offers an array of adventures from half a day to a whole day, or two or three days, tell me what you what you want to do and what you would like to see and when! I am to please! With each charter my goal is to not only allow you to have fun, make wonderful memories but to impart on you some of our local history while educating all on the importance and conservation of these beautiful waters and marine life. Also sharing with you some of our local cuisine – no charter with me is complete with a taste of the Bahamas!

Come  to the Bahamas, visit Spanish Wells (or Eleuthera) and let Bahamas Ocean Safari’s show you a different, unique and personalized fishing charter experience. Learn about the Bahamas, Spanish Wells, our marine life by some one who knows it, has lived it and is extremely passionate and lucky to call such a beautiful place home.

Loving what you do can be heard and felt but what it is a testament to me when I have repeat customers and referrals and to those I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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I have fun in the sun every day, so and come and have some fun with me! Make Bahamas Ocean Safaris – your one stop fishing charter! Let me make your next fishing charter easy, eventful and full of adventure!

Tomorrow’s a new day! Wonder what it will bring?

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